Thursday, February 7, 2008

News from Gwen

  • Well I did it! I got my first free cup of coffee at Sam's today with my card. Andrea and the gang clapped for me. I combined this with my birthday present, a gift card to Sam's in the amount of my years (Yes, it's worth $100) and I had a free breakfast. Wow, doesn't take much to make me happy.

  • Gladys had a card from Gwen , who has relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida. (Gwen used to work behind the counter at the old Sam's building, then became a Sam's regular). She enclosed an article from the Ft. Myers edison paper that she felt would be helpful to Catonsville folks in preparation for 4th of July. Seems that they have an annual event known as the Edison Grand Parade of Lights. For the past fifty years, people have used duct tape on the sidewalks to reserve their spots for the parade days in advance. This year, people began to resort to spray-painting their names on the sidewalks because, they claimed, others had ripped off their duct tape. This type of vandalism can result in a $150 fine. Luckily for the police, the vandals were kind enough to spray paint their last names on the sidewalk . Unluckily for the police, they won't be able to collect the fines unless they witnessed the spray-painting personally. Ft. Myers also sells street and VIP seating for the parades for prices ranging up to $55 per person. Could this spark a new trend here in Catonsville? Will premium sites be sold for viewing the 4th of July parade or will residents duct tape or spray paint their names on lawns and sidewalks? Or will we treasure the time-honored tradition of putting up lawn chairs only to have them stolen, smashed or moved?

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