Monday, February 14, 2011

Johel: Lake Titicaca

from Johel:

thanks for asking, my trip is awesome . and i hope it never ends .
i do miss my ppl in the us ,
seeing you all avery morning , luis , my big boss bruz, and even andy. jajajaj tell him i said that
but when i came here i thougt it was just machu picchu but not , there are so many atraccions here , and every day i discover new things that i can do .
i was in the lil rome of america , it is in peru .
titicaca lake , floating islands, sun island (wich is the most elevated island of the planet .
i am in laguna huacachina (it s and oasis in the middle of the dessert) and i went sandboarding today , its so diferent than snowboarding, and more fun .
and tomorrow i am going to the wine cellars.
people say , this city makes the best wine of the world and i am going to see how they make it . and try some . it s free. hahahaha and that s the report . i hope you guys are ok .