Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Already

Hi everyone,
I enjoyed my end of summer vacation, but now am back on blog duty. Just a reminder that I will not be posting any political views in this space. There is a plethora of political info on so many other blogs that it isn't needed. The amount of money spent on conventions and campaigns is staggering to me and could be spent on so many more worthwhile causes. I liked Alicia's idea that the candidates fill out an Excel spread sheet where they simply check yes/no on to indicate their positions on each issue, no side-stepping explanations, and we vote for the candidate whose views most closely match our own.

  • Glenn has completed four weeks of treatment and has five to go. Glenn, many people are asking about you and keeping you in their prayers. We look forward to seeing you back at Sam's........and when you get here, the price of bagels has gone up!
  • Gene had a successful surgery and has one more procedure to go.....Lois reported that everything went well. Gene was in last week, looked thinner but great.
  • Welcome back to John, Bosco and Sugar after a long absence! John's wife, Eileen, had knee replacement surgery, then John was felled by some nasty symptoms of Lyme's disease. We were glad to see all of them back, and admired the dogs' new haircuts.
  • Jean was sharing a photos and articles of an 80-year old Las Vegas stripper (who coincidentally was featured on an entertainment TV show last night). This prompted talk about elderly strippers, a Sam's nude calendar, walking in high heels.....none of which will be happening soon. However, we may have a reverse fund-raiser in which people donate money so that others keep their clothes on!
  • Andrea has been in several times and she reports that her new job at Howard Bank is going well. We still miss her.
  • Have a good week!