Saturday, April 10, 2010

They're Back!!!!

  • After several days' absence, the familiar blue napkins are back at Sam's, much to the delight of one of our regulars. Bon appetit!
  • Gladys made it in yesterday after falling last week and sustaining a lumbar fracture. She is in quite a bit of pain, but came in without a walker ubder her own power, and managed to laugh with us.
  • The Cluster Map for this blog showing readers has been automatically archived and reset. I was rather sad to see the dots removed from six continents and reset to just two dots now. I truly enjoyed seeing all those dots representing unknown visitors. We have had over 32,000 readers to date.
  • Don is back from his trip to Florida with his family. It was so quiet while he was away.
  • Bill T. told his oldest son that another son (previously unknown to the family) would be attending his grandfather's funeral. In perpetuating this prank, he introduced me as this long-lost child's mother at the funeral home! I think Bill should be prepared for paybacks in the near future.

    Here is an adorable Easter photo of Alicia's twin nieces, wearing fire helmets (their favorites) and searching for eggs in the backyard. Alicia reported that after their visit (and potty training), she found a line of Easter stickers in the bathroom.
And for the weirdly curious, here is a photo of my brisket scar, caused by accidentally pouring gravy on my leg as I removed a roasting pan from the oven. It now appears in the shape of an "S", so my Sam's friends have dubbed it "Susan's Super Sexy Seder Sauce Scar".  Can't wait to invite all of you over to dinner soon!