Friday, February 8, 2008

The gang on our trip to the Grove Cafe

  • Talk about reserving sidewalk space for the parade had neighbors Jeff and Doug reminiscing about parking spaces in front of their homes. They soon were recalling pranks played on each other. One day, Doug raked all of the leaves in his yard until not a leaf remained. After Doug went out, Jeff raked all of his own leaves and dumped them back into Doug's bare-grass yard. Doug returned to find his yard filled with leaves again . Later, when Jeff came home, he discovered ten bags full of leaves hanging in his tree like giant Christmas ornaments.

  • Once Doug got a parking citation and thoughtfully left it on Jeff's windshield. When Jeff found the ticket, he began to rant and rave. Doug let him get really worked up, then called him on the phone and asked what was wrong. He let Jeff complain about the police, etc. before asking Jeff to read the citation to him. That's when Jeff discovered that the ticket was really in Doug's name!

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Mike said...

I really must throw that sweater away.