Monday, August 11, 2008

10,000 Plus Blog Readers

I had not posted for some time, didn't realize it was THIS long until a friend called to see if I was OK. I am fine, just misplaced the camera cable and I was waiting to share another fine photo of Don in his kilt and Doug's badly parked car.
  • Some milestones that have been reached in that time.....the blog has over 10,000 hits! I know that isn't much for website, but for our little blog, it's a landmark. New blog readers in Al Kuwayt, Kuwait; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Al Riyad, Saudi Arabia.
  • Glenn has completed his first week of treatment, and was still in Sam's yesterday, adding some healthy fruit to his morning bagel. So glad to report that his prognosis is good!
  • Gene also returned after his illness, looking thinner but glad to see everyone. He will have one more procedure and then should be back to his daily routine.
  • The summer Olympics kicked off in China with a spectacular opening ceremony, and to date Michael Phelps has won 2 gold medals, 2/2 races. Don the swim coach referred to Mr. Phelps as a "good" swimmer. Glad I am not on his swim team if he's that tough!
  • Bill T. had some trees cut down, and then Jean and Paul hired the same guy to take out some of their trees. Networking at Sam's continues ......
  • Went to a touching memorial service for Barry in the garden of St. John's Church....a sunny, cool, breezy non-humid day in August. Barry must have blessed the weather for his service, which concluded with a rendition of "It's A Wonderful Life". Happy to report that after 5 funerals in 5 weeks, there are no more funerals in my future. Let's keep it that way!
  • Greetings to Rosa, Kibby, and Ray vacationing with family on the Isle of Mann and checking in on the blog. Sarah really misses you, so hurry home and have a safe trip!
  • If anyone remembers the conversation yesterday at Sam's, please comment about it. I remember laughing but not why!