Monday, February 4, 2008

Comment or Email the Blog! Please!

You know, I have come to Sam's occasionally over the past 12 years, and I now have 9 coffee stamps on my buy 10-get a free cup of coffee card.......for the first time. IF I get my tenth stamp and turn in my card, that will be my first free cup of coffee...ever. So if you see me, remind me to turn my card in. Think I've earned a free cup!

I am having a mid-winter blog slump. I don't even know if anybody out there is still reading this and I'm losing my motivation. When there are few comments, I start to feel like I am talking to myself, possibly because I am.... A blog is meant to be interactive. It makes it much more interesting to publish messages, videos, pictures etc. from many of Sam's patrons, and I am happy to do so. However, as I am not yet psychic, you actually need to email them to me! So don't complain that I am posting more items from Don and Glenn than anyone else, because they have been the most active contributers. If you have news to share, email me at You must send photos and videos as attachments that I can download (not embedded in the email message).

To leave a comment,just click on "Comment" at the end of each post. The number tells you how many, if any, comments are posted for each item. Just type your message in the pop-up window. You can choose to use a nickname, your own name, or to remain anonymous. When you click on the orange "Publish" button, your comment will appear on the blog. You can comment on other comments too! So get involved - email or comment! It could get interesting!


A said...

Sue- this post has some rather odd fonts. Very hard to read. By the way I do read the blog and it is one of two I check every day(the other is smart spending over at msn money)

Mike said...

Don't stop Sue! As a once-every-two-weeker, I depend on you to help me keep one finger in the bagel batter the rest of the time -- your #1 fan