Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hon Fest 2009

There's a Little Miss Hon Contest too.

This is Mr. Nose of Hampden, loved his crabby hat!

Next year we plan to dress appropriately and get our do's done.

Sunday worship in style.

Hampden was the site of the first electric railway in the USA in 1885.

We posed with Elvis as we planned next year's adventure.
Thanks to Pat and Patty for being good sports and going with me.
Love you, hons!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hon Fest 2009

Come on, Hons, we can get our beehives done there! The Hon Fest is in Hampden this weekend. Should be a blast!

Special Twilight Tattoo Ceremony

Come to Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine on June 27 at 6:00 p.m. for a special twilight tattoo ceremony featuring patriotic music, military pageantry and living history! The program begins with a concert by the U.S. Navy Band, Drill Team and Color Guard. For a flavor of history, the Fort McHenry Guard, representing the 1814 defenders of Baltimore will demonstrate battle tactics of the War of 1812.

Be part of one of the oldest ceremonies in Baltimore City! Over 100 years ago, Baltimore residents spent Saturday evenings watching the military review of soldiers at Fort McHenry. That tradition lives on today on selected weekend evenings with the free twilight tattoo ceremonies at Fort McHenry. Every ceremony ends with the folding of the great 30 x 42-foot Star-Spangled Banner flag and the firing of the fort’s large evening gun.

Following the concert, the U.S. Navy Drill team will perform modern rifle exercises. Their split-second timing and precision marching have dazzled audiences around the world.

The Fort McHenry Guard offers a unique historical experience at every performance. Dressed in the uniform of the 1814 defenders of Baltimore, the Guard will be doing a cannon drill, musket exercise and a bayonet demonstration. The evening program concludes with the audience folding the large 30 x 42-foot Star-Spangled Banner Flag. The evening ceremony is free, and parking is provided on-site.

Does A Child Throw A Temper Tantrum If Nobody Is Around To See It?

It is hard to explain my job as a pediatric speech therapist. Many times I have to deal with behavior issues before any other work can take place. Although I didn't take this video, I spent the afternoon with a young man who could have starred in it. I was trying to tell the Mom that if the child gets everything he wants or needs just by screaming/crying/tantrumming, there isn't much motivation to talk! If he can turn the crying on and off like this, he isn't hurt or sick, he is playing you. Never underestimate those toddlers, they are very smart!