Saturday, October 6, 2007

Email your post to

I am still having technical difficulties with having others post news and photos to the blog, even though the permissions seem set correctly. Since this makes the blog interactive and fun, let's try this; email your stories, photos (must be as attachments), poems and jokes to me at I welcome photos of vacations, family, scenery, etc. I will then be happy to post them. The title of your email will be the title of your posted story. Somebody out there, email me a story and an attached photo and let's see if this will work!

Where in the world is Dimitri?

If you were curious about where you were spending so many mornings, check out this image and see if you can identify Sam's. If you haven't played with Google Earth yet, I highly recommend it. It is a free download at You can type in an address or famous landmark anywhere in the world, as well as view fantastic images from space. Try it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Viewing/ Funeral Information for Patty's Mom

Hi everyone,

Many of you have asked about Patty and Charlie. The viewing for Mary Walter, Patty's Mom, will be held tomorrow, October 3rd. The viewing will be at Loudon Park Funeral Home, 3620 Wilkens Avenue, from 4 to 8 pm. The Prayer Service will be Thursday, October 4th, at 11 am with interment following at Loudon Park Cemetary.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Last Day of September

Don was back in town and the topics of conversation were, well, crazy! Don told a story of being the first person to jump off Five Oaks Pool high dive when it was replaced years ago. He said he jumped in the nude, heard two distinct splashes, and that his poor daughter had held his clothes for him. He also talked about swimming nude at the YMCA early one morning with his friends on a snow day. They thought it would be a good idea to go out in the foot deep snow and make snow angels. The pool door began to close and they narrowly missed being locked outside in the 5 am.....naked. Does anyone else see a theme here? (I wanted to poke out my mind's eye).

Has anyone else noticed that the Ravens ' bagels have gradually changed in color from lilac to deep purple? Rumor has it that the reason is that Laura can't tell how many times her bagel has been toasted when it is purple, and won't send it back!

Speaking of Laura, I dreamt that she had been kidnapped and some of the Sam's crew were at her condo helping with the investigation. Don said he always wanted to go through Laura's drawers. Laura said he could come over anytime provided she wasn't home and if he cleaned!

Laura told a story of waking up one morning only to discover that she had gone out to buy popcorn sometime during the night. She didn't recall driving, but woke up to find the popcorn next to the bed. She called this "sleep-eating". Later when she said that a worker with her condo key had apparently made off with her liquor supply, Don suggested that this might simply be a case of sleep-drinking!

Pat recalled that when she went to McNabb's to make arrangements for her husband, Carl, George McNabb said that he knew Carl from Five Oaks Pool . George said he had spent "many hours underwater with Carl" but did not elaborate. This was the cause of much speculation since there seem to be a limited number of underwater activities.

Welcome to Marty, Pat's good friend. Hopefully she will decide to come back and join us again, although I have my doubts after today's coversations.

There is some sad news to report this week.......

Doug's good friend, Frank, lost his battle with cancer this week. Doug and other friends had been helping with the house and yardwork and were faithful visitors. Frank will be laid to rest tomorrow. Our thoughts are with you, Doug.

I just spoke with Charlie and learned that Patty's mother, Mary Frances Walter, died early this morning. Charlie said she was a fighter until the very end. The arrangements will be made shortly. Patty and Charlie, please know that you are in our prayers.