Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baltimore, Snowiest City in the USA

Once again Baltimore is on top and leads the nation's cities in snowfall this season. In the middle of February, that is beyond impressive!

Here is just a sampling of big cities: There are more, but Baltimore is still on top!

1.Baltimore: 79.9" (See the timelapse video of Blizzard #1)
2.Syracuse, NY 76.1"
3.Washington (Dulles) 72.8"
4.Philadelphia: 72.1"
5.Rochester, NY: 63.9"
6.Buffalo: 63.9"
7.Pittsburgh: 58.6"
8.Des Moines: 52.6"
9.Bangor, ME: 52.1
10.Binghamton, NY 51.6"
11.Chicago: 45.1
12.Omaha, NE: 44.9
13.Denver: 41.1"
14.Cleveland: 39.4"
15.Minneapolis: 38.1"
16.Green Bay: 34.2"
17.Milwaukee: 30.8"
18.Boston: 30.1
19.Detroit: 27.5"
20.Kansas City: 27.4"
21.New York City: 25.5"

Mardi Gras Is Over

Yes, snow, please stop!

  • Bill W. said the almanac predicts the BIGGEST storm yet in early March, about 40 inches. Folks almost threw coffee and napkins at him.
  • Gladys is driving by herself to Gilchrist to see Jacque. She is making arrangements to bring him home. Meanwhile, the hospital called her to schedule radiation treatments.......don't know how she is handling all of this, but she sounds well.
  • Schools reopen 2 hours late today, but there are few shoveled walks. Just too deep and nowhere to put all of the snow. Be safe, everyone.