Sunday, December 2, 2007

Going Wireless

Shhh, we are now able to blog live thanks to someone nearby providing an excellent wireless signal in Sam's. We will enjoy it as long as it lasts! Alicia was able to prove her point today by looking up a website.

Welcome back, Don! He reported that the Gulf was boring, too shallow to swim in, and just good for sitting in while reading the paper. His daughters and grandchildren joined them for a hectic three-day visit between very late and very early flights. Don recalled one past Thanksgiving when he threw a roll the length of the table, hitting his sister-in-law in the head. Don's excuse was that she had asked for a roll! However, she left and never came back! Don credited his mother with enforcing a standard of family behavior, noting she she did not tolerate bad behavior and that it was dealt with immediately. He lamented that his wife's family has no enforcer in charge, so dysfunctional behavior occurs. Laura commented that every family has some degree of dysfunction to it.

This discussion left Alicia grateful for her functional family. Alicia put up her first Christmas tree this weekend. She recalled one gathering where all 75 of her extended family were celebrating the day after Thanksgiving. Apparently they were so noisy that their neighbor, Steven Tyler of the rock band Aerosmith, called the police for diturbing the peace. Luckily, Alicia's cousin was on the local police force. So the family just put on an Aerosmith CD and cranked the volume up even higher!

Mike came in with his Dad and confided in Doug that Andrea was his girlfriend. Here is a photo of you two together, Mike, plus a nice photo of you, your Dad, and Doug in black jackets.

Dr. Mike asked us what was our most extravagent purchase. Gladys said it was her grandfather clock. She had wanted one for a long time and even created a needlepoint to hang in its spot. It creates reverence for the past, and something the family associates with visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Dr. Mike said it was his classical guitar; he needed an excellent guitar because he said he didn't play that well! The rest of us are hoping to splurge in the future. Sue would like to bubble under the stars in a Jacuzzi someday.

Jean shared some jokes she heard on the radio.
What do the Ravens and Billy Graham have in common?

They both can make 70,000 people in a stadium stand up and yell "Jesus"!

What do you call 53 men sitting around the TV?

The Ravens watching the Super Bowl.

How do you keep ravens out of your yard?

Put up a goal post.

And on that note, may everyone enjoy the Ravens on Monday night football tomorrow!

Sam's Bagels in Real Time!

Charlie's back! We were so glad to see him drive and make it into Sam's for a bagel. Andrea told him he was still the sexiest man she knows!

Dr. Mike is taking his son snow boarding in West Virginia. Doug went to Lake Placid for his first skiing adventure, and became hooked. Dr. Mike recommends skiing in the west, where the peaks can be 10,000 feet and runs can last a half hour.