Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival

Hope everyone survived the rain and wind of Tropical Storm Hanna yesterday. We were lucky; most just had some power outages, cable and internet loss, and fallen branches. I am posting live from Sam's this morning and can view the preparations for the festival on a beautiful sunny day. The antique cars are pulling into the parking lot next to Friendly's as I type.
  • Dr. Mike has a first date on Tuesday with an Internet connection. He feels that dating is like mining for gold in a muddy stream........hope it pans out!
  • Gladys drove by the "Loved Ones" lingerie store and thought of Don. Don is hoping to talk Alonyah on a field trip to a lingerie store one day. One should always have dreams.
  • Harold is back in town after three weeks of travel, will be in town for two weeks. He is undergoing security clearance for work, so some of you might be interviewed for the process.
  • Patty went to a wedding yesterday for Charlie's granddaughter. Despite the weather, the wedding was reportedly beautiful.
  • Bill said he is going to the festival with his wife, but Janice will insist on walking ahead of him. Bill won't be wearing a shirt to show off his tatoos and Janice won't walk with him.
  • Glenn, we are sending our thoughts and prayers out to you every day.