Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Home, Gwen

Gwen, her daughter and granddaughter are visiting from Florida. Doug, Gladys and Gwen
Tracy, Faith, and "Grandy"

Happy Birthday to Jean

Yesterday, Jean thought it was her birthday. She had to look at the date on the newspaper before she believed me that her birthday was actually today! We had planned an 8 am birthday celebration at Sam's for Saturday morning, and Sarah did a great job of not spoiling the surprise. Jean said she was celebrating the 26th anniversary of her 50th birthday. Jean in her favorite pose (hidden from view)
Turns out that at 8 am, I take incredibly poor photos. It isn't easy to make everyone look this bad in a photo, but I managed. Think this was could be in a "Write that caption" contest.
Captions, anyone? Please submit by clicking on "comment" below.

Bill wore his birthday hat and accepted many well wishes. Patty does her best to ignore a comment about Mr. Microphone, which made her cry and Gladys blush.
Luckily Gwen was in town from Florida to celebrate with us!
Harold, birthday girl Jean, and Sue

So many people we needed two tables.

Harold and Doug

Doug, John and Gwen are big Maryland fans

Gladys and Jack

Bill thought Don looked like baby Sweet Pea from the Popeye cartoon

Jim and Dorothy

Jean was working out a deal with Jim to get help with the new TV and FIOS.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catonsville Haunted House

Honk if you see Bill's truck around town

Don't forget that everyone is invited to stop by Bill Tucker's on Halloween night at 116 Sanford Avenue. This year, he is teaming up with son Jack and friend (who did the Haunted Pool last year) to create a very spooky walk-through haunted event. See you there if you dare anytime after dark. Don't forget to say "Hi" to Bill if Leatherface attacks you!

In Memory of Gram

Harold's grandmother, Blanche Abramson Silverstein, passed away over the weekend after a long illness. She would have been 95 years old in a few days. She was a very hard-working, kind, practical lady well-known for dispensing cookies, advice and chicken soup with love. One of her mottos was "Fight on!" and she did that with dignity. She will truly be missed.

Gram was buried yesterday in Philadelphia. Due to an accident on Interstate 95, poor Gram was literally late to her own funeral! The service was very simple and moving as Arnold, Harold, Beth, and Neil shared their recollections of Gram. Katelyn read a psalm. But what got to me was the sight of my tall 18-year old son in a new suit, solemnly acting as pallbearer.

Friends and family may call at the home of Harold's parents, Arnold and Ann Cohen, on Wednesday (10/22) and Thursday (10/23) evenings. Their address is 2528 Willow Glen Road, Pikesville, MD 21209.