Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Paul!

  • Welcome back! As I predicted, lawn chairs had already appeared on Frederick Road for the 4th of July parade by our return on June 29th. Heard that Gladys didn't put chairs out on Thursday, June 26th, and missed getting her traditional spot.
  • Get well wishes go out to Gene who has been ill. Come back soon and feel better.
  • Bill T. was delighted to purchase Charlie's truck from Patty, with the promise of free hauling whenever she needs it.
  • Hope Andrea is enjoying her new job at Howard Bank. She is missed.
  • Have reports that Peggy is visiting from Florida, and will be here for the holiday. She has already been to Sam's several times.
  • We had beautiful weather on our cruise, but it could have been longer. I was just starting to relax! Sarah misses the food and the ability to eat whatever and whenever she wants. Unfortunately, she (and her 2 new friends from the ship) became ill on Monday night and threw up for hours. She is feeling a bit better this morning.
  • Here are some of the stupid questions that the cruise director says he has been asked: "Does the ship generate its own electricity?" (No, they have a giant extension cord from port) "Do these steps go up or down?" (Both) "Does this elevator take me to the front of the boat?" (No, it's an elevator, not a transporter) "Do the toilets have fresh water or sea water in them?" (Does it matter?) "What do you do with the ice sculptures after they melt?" (Use the water in the toilets!) and his favorite, "Can I take a picture of the ship as it leaves the port?" (Difficult to do when you are on board the ship)
  • FYI, the captain stated that the ship, Mariner of the Seas, takes on 500,000 gallons of fuel every 2 weeks. Guess the cost of cruising won't be getting cheaper any time soon!
  • Looking forward to seeing all of my friends at Sam's soon. I missed everyone.
Paul tried out a JetSki

Paul turned 18 at sea on June 22nd

Discovered Gladys has a nice place on St. Thomas

Our ship, Mariner of the Seas, at St. Maartan's

Went swimming in Magan's Bay, St. Thomas, ranked one of the world's top ten beaches

On the mountaintop at St. Thomas

Sarah relaxes on Coco Cay in the Bahamas