Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas music already?

Topping this morning’s conversation was the super gigantic fish – the bona fide whopper – that Doug caught. Its massive bulk was awesome. Its scales were heavier than roof shingles. It dragged his boat for forty-five minutes before he wrestled and reeled the beast in by sheer will and force.

Doug has a photo of himself holding aloft this magnificent creature but hasn’t shared it with his blog-mates because it’s from last year (or he doesn’t know how). He’ll post a shot of his next catch instead (via Mike if he can’t figure out how). We must ponder the precise prodigious proportions of last year’s prize pescado ourselves, but considering Doug’s modesty, my bet is it was two to three times whatever size he described.

Speaking of prizes, we at Sam’s are justifiably proud of the three dazzling examples of the majestic "champion" evergreen species presiding over the front of Paul’s and Jean’s beautiful home. Each autumn, their boughs issue a myriad of rose-like cones as delicate as Faberge Eggs. Stay tuned, folks, for this week’s Bagel Art, which I understand from good sources, will feature several of these special cones prominently.

Hello Ladies:

Pat, thanks for summoning Dr. Mike back, and may your cement settle and air be clear of sawdust soon.

Sue, I hope you made it through today well and derive some consolation from hearing you look mahvellous in black sequins.

Alicia, Yay – the sun and breeze cooperated this afternoon!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Farewell to Don

Bye Bye Don
Bye Bye Happiness
Hello Loneliness
I think I'm gonna die
Bye Bye our Don goodbye!
Our loss is Florida's (temporary) gain!

Hugs for Doug

Doug attempts to protect himself from Jeff's and Don's unwanted advances

Doug showed up on Thursday morning with blue ink all over the crotch of his khaki pants. Strangely, his hands were devoid of ink. Glenn posed with a blue cereal bowl on his head to commemorate this strange blue event.

Friday Morning at Sam's

Dimitri bids a fond farewell to his favorite customer
Safe jouney to Don who left for 10 days in Florida . We should have two quiet weekends as a result.

Happy 50th Anniversary greetings go out to Bill White.
He will be celebrating on Saturday night at the Candlelight Inn.