Thursday, July 24, 2008

Truth in Advertising (Silly Things)

  • OK, I have the TV on while I am posting and I have heard this commercial more than once. Finally realized they were advertising "delicious nut snacks", guess you can figure out what I thought I heard. Would that be impossible in this age of Viagra commercials?
  • Ruth and Steve were in Sam's and asked if anyone had jumper cables for someone in need on the parking lot. Ruth said she used to carry jumper cables and motor oil in her car, but no longer had them. Steve said we should ask her what she really used them for! Ruth blushed, causing much speculation.
  • Scott had his picture in the Sun earlier this week, sitting on the curb resting after fighting a fire. An anonymous person spotted him, noting that "nobody else has a big head like that". Others concurred.
  • John was pictured on the front page of the special sports section of today's Sun, wearing his customary baseball cap and acting the role of super fan.
  • Bill W. keeps telling me jokes which I forget before posting. Ask him to tell you a few, you will laugh!
  • OK, click on, give yourself a name and a password, and we can play Scrabble online for free. Friends from all over the country can play in the same match, you can control who joins your match. You can also practice against the computer. I am shockaglow, so sign me up as your buddy and we can play.
  • On this note, Sarah just reported this gem this from Facebook. "True friends are like butt cheeks; crap may come in between them, but they always get back together again". Good night to my friends :).

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Dr. Mike said...

Scrabulous can be a nice little way to keep in touch with friends. I don't get the jumper cables, which is probably a good thing.