Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catonsville Fire Chief History

This photo dates back to 1960. Both Paul and long-time Catonsville resident, Phil Shubert, are shown. Phil sits next to Gladys each year at the 4th of July parade!

A group of the first firefighters promoted under the merit system. Seen here are: Captain Kolb, Station #8; Lt. Harry Smith, Station #1; Capt. Chas Houck, Fire Academy; Lt. Lawrence Blucher, Station #1; Capt. LeYoy Fink, Station #5; Capt. Emory Leight, Station #10; County Executive Christian Kahl; Capt. Frank Simms, Station #9; Capt. Donald Waman, Station #10; Capt. Phil Shubert, Station #6; Capt. Albert Crussey, Station #2; Lt. William Zacienka, Station #9; Lt. Paul Reincke, Station #4 and also the Fire Chief in the 1980s and early 1990s; Lt. Bernard Klemm, Station #6; Lt. George Serbnese, Station #2; Lt. John Ebert, Station #5; Lt. Daniel Holder, Station #3.
Here's a photo of Paul 25 years ago in his uniform. Chief Paul Reincke, Baltimore County Fire Department; Councilman Norman Lauenstein, 6th District, and Donald Hutchinson, Baltimore County Executive, at the dedication of hose-and-ladder engine # 54. Date: June 6, 1983

Paul was just keeping up the family tradition. Chief Fritz Maisel was my mother's uncle. A 1939 Seagrave 750 gpm pumper, shown with Fire Chief Frederick "Fritz" Maisel standing beside it and assistant Chief Wilbur Kelly behind the wheel. This photo was taken before the truck was assigned to a station. It was subsequently designated Engine #3 of the Catonsville Fire Department. Photo taken in 1939.

Came across this photo of my great-uncle, Fritz Maisel, taken some time in the early 1900's. I had always known him as an older gentleman, both in life and in pictures, so I was surprised to see how much my cousins resemble him. Many of my relatives lived in "Maiseltown", on and around Ingleside Avenue near the Old Salem Lutheran Church. We could visit and walk to several relatives' homes in one block. Fritz Maisel (1889-1967) of Catonsville played professional baseball with the International League Orioles, the New York Yankees and the Saint Louis Browns. Generally a third baseman, he also played second or in the outfield. His record of seventy-two stolen bases with the Yankees stood for years. He was manager of the old Orioles from 1929-1932. He was Baltimore County's fire chief from 1938-1951.
In another "small-world" coincidence, Fritz's son, Bud Maisel and his family, lived on Sanford Avenue for some time across the street from Bill T.

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