Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, Crazy Sunday

  • Big crowd at Sam's this morning. Mike came in with his Dad sporting some great sunglasses.
  • Gladys remarked to Dr. Mike that he was smiling, so she assumed his new relationship was going well. Jack, Gladys' husband, said he always smiled on Saturday night. When Bill asked whether he smiled because of sex or a hot shower, Jack said "Either" , then admitted he couldn't remember! Jack and Gladys still blush when you mention rocking chairs.....
  • Prayers go out to Glenn for his good health.
  • There was discussion about friends (not present) who are naturalists (the in name for nudists). While most of us prefer that our friends are not clothing optional, the thought of Don and Bill in Speedos seemed even worse.
  • Harold told how one guy tried to pull a scam after a minor car accident when he was a paramedic. The guy told Harold his neck was injured and that he could not move his head at all. When Harold asked how much he could move his head yesterday, the guy said "Like this" and demonstrated full range of motion.
  • Honestly, there was much more that I can't remember! Feel free to comment with any of your favorite stories from Sam's.
  • Sea Hut reopened this weekend. Prayers to the Yim family as they run their business despite their recent loss. Mr. Jim is surely missed by everyone.
  • New blog readers in Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, England, Iraq, and across the USA. It still surprises me how many folks accidentally stumble upon our little blog. (And it doesn't surprise me when they never return!)
  • Have a good week and stay well.

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