Friday, July 18, 2008

More Very Sad News

Doug just phoned to say that he had stopped by Sea Hut for a sandwich. The restaurant was closing early because owner, Mr. Jim, had just passed away. Jim and his wife, Sue, have worked hard in their restaurant nearly every day since opening Sea Hut over 25 years ago. They never had a vacation together and Jim never took a sick day to my knowledge. Jim suffered a stroke and heart attack last week with no previous symptoms. He was only 55 years old. I can't imagine going to Sea Hut and not seeing Jim behind the bar, sitting at the family table reading the news, chatting with us, or eating a traditional Korean meal. Prayers go out to Sue, Jean, Irving, Kevin, Jennifer, Eddie, and all of their family and friends. Jim will truly be missed.

You may remember that wonderful photos of Jean's wedding were posted here. Click below on "older posts" and continue back to March 9, 2008 to see photos of Jim and his family on that special occasion.

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