Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning

  • I am tired of writing this, but prayers are again needed. Patty's father-in-law, Clyde Lanham, passed away on Friday night. Patty, you haven't had a break in so long, you are in our prayers.
  • Don reported that he has been on playground duty at the swim meets with 2-year old Cheney. He is soon joined by many other little people. Laura, you need to look for him at the playground when you want to go to the pool.
  • Bill T. has offered to host a party for the Bagel Bunch at his home. Warning - he has a pool so swimwear may be involved.
  • Alicia was sailing in a race this weekend at the harbor. Jean and Paul went down to Ft. McHenry around 6 pm to see her sail in, but didn't see her. Hope you finished the race!
  • Dimitri verified that each bagel weighs the same.....some may appear smaller due to different textures and ingredients. He said that the price of flour has gradually increased from $25 per bag to $75 per bag. Yikes! All bagels are baked fresh daily (except for Don's).
  • Gladys reports that she hasn't been rocking on her front porch due to dust from ongoing work on her street.
  • I saw a broken lawn chair with a trash bag in the middle of Edmondson Avenue yesterday. Seemed to be saying that 4th of July celebrations are over.
  • Allison was completing the last 4 hours on Saturday to become an official state park bike volunteer. She will donate 100 hours of her time to the park system over the next year. Congratulations!

There was much discussion about this photo (click on it to enlarge). Don clearly appears to be looking down Laura's blouse instead of at the camera. And Jack appears to be contemplating about getting a tattoo of his own.

Is Doug Andrea's replacement?

The world's oldest bagel on view now at Sam's

The three Bills of Sam's

Paul's 6 foot tall tomato plant......Doug, can you top this?


Anonymous said...

Sue- As tired as I understand your being that you keep asking for prayers to support those of our Sams family, doesn't it make you feel secure knowing that if something bad ever happened to you that you have this wonderful mishmash of fantastic people praying for you. Now everyone we adore you but please please start being healthy.

sue said...

Of course I am grateful for all of my friends and support at Sam's! I too hope that we move into a good patch of health soon.