Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Prayers Please

  • Just last week, our entire family got together at Sea Hut. We have been eating there since the restuarant opened more than 25 years ago, and are very fond of the Yim family owners. Jean just celebrated her birthday on the 4th of July. We were shocked to learn that Jim had a stroke this past Wednesday and is in Bayview Hospital. He is on a respirator but is able to recognize family members. The family is grateful for all prayers and are seeing improvements daily.
  • My other friend, Jim, is recovering from his surgery very well. He has pain (which is to be expected) but is reportedly bored sitting home during a week when the TV movies have been disappointing.
  • Dorothy's sister-in-law, Jean, passed away from the injuries sustained from the car accident. Prayers to Dorothy and her family for their loss.
  • Gene made it to Sam's for a visit and is awaiting more medical test results
Harold, Jean, Sarah, Paul, Katelyn and Pop at Sea Hut

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