Monday, July 7, 2008

Asking for Prayers

Every now and then health issues seem to crop up for many cherished people in our lives simultaneously. Some are truly in crisis, some are moving toward recovery, and some have passed on. All will benefit from thoughts and prayers. We can not take our lives for granted. I pray that each of us enjoy the blessings, bagels, friends and family that surround us daily.
  • Helen, mother of Lynn and Sharon, sister of Betty Jane, passed away the last week of June after a long illness.
  • Margaret, mother of Denise and Nirmal, passed away last week after a two-week hospitalization.
  • Our Sam's buddy, Gene, is still having chronic health concerns. Come back soon!
  • Ann, Harold's mother, is recuperating from a nasty fall and is returning home tonight after several nights in Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  • An old friend, Barry, is returning home tomorrow after surgery and weeks of rehab. You can read his wonderful recollections in his blog at
  • My childhood BFF, Jim, is having outpatient surgery this Wednesday and will be recuperating at home for three weeks. His insightful blog is at
  • My friend and co-worker, Dorothy, just got the terrible news that her sister-in-law, Jean, was struck by a car driven by a 90 year old. Jean was crossing a hospital parking lot in her walker enroute to a medical appointment when she was literally run down. Jean is in a coma with a crushed skull, broken jaw and fractured spine among other injuries.
  • Prayers go out to everyone reading this.


Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me what a bff is? (prayers go out to all as well, glenn)

Anonymous said...

Glenn- BFF is best friend forever
Sue- Prayers for all. It will all turn out fine.