Friday, March 14, 2008

Steve, Sam, Jack and Glenn
  • Steve Whalen and Sam Moxley stopped by to have breakfast and talk business.
  • Sam asked why I had started the blog and Glenn answered, "Boredom". (Glenn said boredom is the reason behind many life activities, including marriage). But is he right? Maybe. I thought I had started the blog as an exercise in learning how to blog, to add features, etc. because I planned to use a blog to get info and pictures to my families at work. But I am having way too much fun and ......I still haven't started my work blog yet. Is samsbagels a waste of time? Probably, this is all trivial stuff. Certainly can be an excuse for avoiding more mundane tasks. But as a time waster is it different than many other past times or hobbies?
  • Dana led the discussion on "Why Lawyers are the Most Useless Profession"
  • Will there be green bagels for St. Patrick's day? Folks have been searching the Internet.


Anonymous said...

If there are green bagels then Sams needs to do a special on green bagel eggs and ham sandwhich.

Anonymous said...

Sue -
I enjoyed reading your blog and I have added a link to it from from my blog Craig