Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Hi everyone, what a hectic week! I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow night at the Salsa Grill. Bill said 6:30 would be better than 6 to allow folks to get there after work. I love to check the map of the blog's readers, and I'd like to welcome readers in the cities below. Most intriguingly, a reader in London, England logged in just to watch the video of Doug eating a bagel!

Just as I am tracking blog readers, Jeff reported that Rosa's boss asked about our blog. Turns out he is notified everytime Howard Bank is mentioned online. There was Sam's listed along with the Daily Record, and Rosa had to explain the co0nnection. You really aren't home alone with your computer, Big Brother IS watching......

Could Ashley Alexandra Dupre be our newest blog reader in New York? Ashley (aka Kristen) became famous overnight due to her liasons with Client # 9 (aka the luv gov). Apparently someone is already marketing shirts and boxers labeled "I'm Client #8". Don may have already ordered his pair! (Don, we have missed you and were glad to hear from you. Welcome back!)

London, UK

San Jose, CA

Ashburn, VA

Savage, MD

Portland, OR

Highlands, NJ

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