Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Comment on Baltimore Memories Post

This comment was posted today on our Baltimore memories post. I copied it here so you wouldn't miss reading it.

Anonymous said...
Hi all my hons I,like you have the amazing memories of crab? charm city. First let me tell you that I am the great grand daughter of Caroline Hecht. As I search my ancestry on line ,I feel she was the black sheep of the Hecht family,no not by a long shot. My great uncles may have known their business but let us remember from where old Samuel came,walking the streets selling wares off his back but Carrie(Caroline) a free spirit knew adventure. Adventure to the point of going to the carnival and volunteering to climb in the basket letting the man holding the swords hush the crowd with his magic. Applause for the swordsman and a standing ovation for the little jewish woman , my great grandmother ascending from the basket, taking a bow or two.

I wouldn't be surprised, as she grew in all her adventure,or as some called it craziness, she had the nerve to marry a gentile. OOOOUUUUYYYAAAYYY! History has it that she was disowned from the Hecht family, wiped clean from the slate. Where is Carrie today, Baltimore researchers??????????? Oh, by the way I paint screens and when I can I consume Tastycakes!!!!!!!!

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