Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bagel Bunch After Dark

Janice and Bill, our hostess and host, at The Salsa Grill. Thanks for the chips!

Jay, the owner and pastry chef, shows off the humongous desserts

John and Eileen dress for the season

The ribs - declared the best!

The crabcake platter- yummo!

Gladys and Jack

The salsa crowd - thanks for sharing with us.

The salsa crowd and the bagel bunch

Jack, John and Eileen
We had a delicious dinner (the portions were big enough for several meals!) and laughter as always. So many funny conversations occurred that I can't remember them all! Eileen introduced herself to Bill in the beginning of the night by pantomining her name, "I lean". During the meal, Bill told how his wife has called him "a--hole" so much he responds to that name if he hears it in the street. When we were leaving, Bill came over and said "Good night, Eileen" and pantomined her name. Eileen responded by saying "Goodnight, a--hole!" and pantomining with her backside. It was hilarious because it was so unexpected.
We missed Jean and Paul. Jean has the sore throat/cough/stuffy head version of the flu. Feel better soon!

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