Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekend Updates

  • Patty reported that Charlie has been responsive for brief periods, and that the tube has been removed. He is still at Hopkins, no word on the cause of this latest setback.
  • Today we were joined by future politician, Luke, who was receiving political advice from Don. (Sadly, this may doom Luke's career before it even begins). He was advised to keep a notebook to jot down possible slogans, such as "I keep my back against the wall". Luke returns to college this week, where hopefully he will learn useful information.
  • Don's grandchildren, Chase and Cheney, visited us. I asked whether the new baby will also have a name beginning with "Ch- ". They are considering Chandler if it is a girl, but don't have any favorite boy names yet.
  • Allison joined us for some chocolate milk. We miss seeing her daily now that her new job is located in Towson.
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Don models Laura's gift, elf boxers with hat. Even came with jingle bells. (Laura, what were you thinking?)

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