Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Sam's for their gift of friendship during 2007. I look forward to seeing each of you and hearing your stories. It is good for the immune system to laugh, and you always make me laugh! The intelligence, creativity, connections and kindnesses that unite this group of former strangers amazes me. So Happy New Year to each of you! Here's to many new memories and good health in 2008.
  • Unfortunately, I learned yesterday that Charlie has had a major setback. He is again in Johns Hopkins, and has fallen into a coma. Tests are still being conducted. Please keep both Charlie and Patty in your prayers.
  • When my computer was out of commission, we had an interesting occurence at home. Even though it was December, Harold was out raking leaves, and our Labrador Retriever, Sam, was with him. Sammy is ten years old and always chases squirrels and rabbits, but has never caught anything. On this day, he suddenly began to bark and dashed off into the woods. Several minutes later he came back, proudly wagging his tail, and gingerly holding a...... bagel. I kid you not. He would not allow the bagel to be taken from him and he ate it after parading around the yard with his trophy. Harold calls this the "Ballad of the Wild Bagel". We still don't know from whence it came (we don't keep bagels at home), so it is a pretty good mystery. None of our neighbors complained that their breakfast went missing.
  • One of my faithful blog readers noted the many recent photos of Don, and perhaps was feeling left out. I promise to feature anyone on the blog who comes to Sam's in your underwear! This led to a lengthy discussion on what was overwear, underwear, or outerwear. Apparently what you wear next to your skin should be referred to as your underwear, even if it is a Speedo....... so if you wear boxers on top of that, it is transformed into overwear. I have no idea what outerwear is........ maybe the kilt?
  • It was great to visit with former Sam's regulars, Gwen and Peggy, who moved to Florida last summer. On their visit, they found out that Sam's waffle iron broke after they left and was never replaced, so they had to settle for bagels. Gwen shared photos of her grandchildren, Jake and Faith. Glad they included us in their busy visiting schedule.
  • Doug had promised to share the rockfish that he caught with several of Sam's faithful on Monday. They came with coolers to take home their New Year's Eve dinner, but Doug never showed up. They went home empty-handed, an experience I am sure Doug understands.
Our record number of tables linked so far.

New Year's Eve

A view from above......

Here's a contest......what would you call having a kilt placed over your head..... while being worn by someone else? ("Yucky" has already been submitted.)

Under a kilt, these boxers, under these, a Speedo. We took Don's word about the Speedo. There couldn't be boxers for Martin Luther King Day, could there?

It's "Donner", not "Donder" , you goofs at Bass's Pro Shop. ( "Donner" is the German word for thunder, "Blitzen" the German word for lightning.) Didn't Doug use to work there?

Great to see Gwen and Peggy on a visit from Florida. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Having a kilt placed over your head while being worn by somebody else could be called a life shortening event? a reason to find another bagel shop? justifiable homicide?
all of the above.


Luke said...

I think that it all depends on who's wearing the kilt. Unfortunately for us...

Thanks for a great breakfast and a better show this morning!
Your future politician. Luke