Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winter Field Trip!

On Paul, Jean, Gladys, and Jack's advice, I overcame my initial instinct and, while cycling back from Sam's to my cave this morning, popped into the Café on the Grove. Holy mackrel, it was gorgeous! Breathtaking really, in comparison to the other buildings at Spring Grove which feel like a cross between a Fellini film and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. No, make that The Twighlight Zone and House on Haunted Hill.

The Café is quaint, with wooden floors and vintage photos lining the enterance, yet spacious and airy with round ballroom style tables and sunlight streaming in from all four directions. No menus were available for posting, as their menu was written a-la-Sam's in chalk on blackboards, but trust me, the selections were reasonably priced and smelled scrumptious.

Saturday hours are 7:00 a.m. until noon. So put on your travelin' shoes folks, and c'mon down to my neck of the woods Saturday January 26. The Sam's Bagel Club is going Cosmopolitan. Don't worry Dimitri, we will all be back Sunday!

P.S. if you make it to Spring Grove but can't find the Café, call me (443-695-7878) – I'll cycle over to you and guide you in like a tugboat.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Mike for mentioning the Spring Grove Cafe. The Cafe has a web site. Directions and menu are posted. I am looking forward to this.


Glenn said...

mike's buying?

Mike said...

First round's on me! I'm assuming the bagels at Spring Grove are round, but you never know.