Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Memory of Gram

Harold's grandmother, Blanche Abramson Silverstein, passed away over the weekend after a long illness. She would have been 95 years old in a few days. She was a very hard-working, kind, practical lady well-known for dispensing cookies, advice and chicken soup with love. One of her mottos was "Fight on!" and she did that with dignity. She will truly be missed.

Gram was buried yesterday in Philadelphia. Due to an accident on Interstate 95, poor Gram was literally late to her own funeral! The service was very simple and moving as Arnold, Harold, Beth, and Neil shared their recollections of Gram. Katelyn read a psalm. But what got to me was the sight of my tall 18-year old son in a new suit, solemnly acting as pallbearer.

Friends and family may call at the home of Harold's parents, Arnold and Ann Cohen, on Wednesday (10/22) and Thursday (10/23) evenings. Their address is 2528 Willow Glen Road, Pikesville, MD 21209.


A said...

Harold and Sue,
Sometimes the best tribute to a life well lived is those that you leave behind. I never met your grandma but based on her grandchildren and great grandchildren she has clearly had a fantastic legacy. I am sorry for you loss and wish you and your family only the very very best.

sue said...

Thanks so much, that was incredibly kind.