Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jean

Yesterday, Jean thought it was her birthday. She had to look at the date on the newspaper before she believed me that her birthday was actually today! We had planned an 8 am birthday celebration at Sam's for Saturday morning, and Sarah did a great job of not spoiling the surprise. Jean said she was celebrating the 26th anniversary of her 50th birthday. Jean in her favorite pose (hidden from view)
Turns out that at 8 am, I take incredibly poor photos. It isn't easy to make everyone look this bad in a photo, but I managed. Think this was could be in a "Write that caption" contest.
Captions, anyone? Please submit by clicking on "comment" below.

Bill wore his birthday hat and accepted many well wishes. Patty does her best to ignore a comment about Mr. Microphone, which made her cry and Gladys blush.
Luckily Gwen was in town from Florida to celebrate with us!
Harold, birthday girl Jean, and Sue

So many people we needed two tables.

Harold and Doug

Doug, John and Gwen are big Maryland fans

Gladys and Jack

Bill thought Don looked like baby Sweet Pea from the Popeye cartoon

Jim and Dorothy

Jean was working out a deal with Jim to get help with the new TV and FIOS.

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Judy said...

I love the pictures! You can tell they all enjoy themselves...