Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miracle on 34th Street, Hon

  • Happy Belated Birthday to Jeff!
  • Glenn has been sporting "It's OK to say Merry Christmas" shirt and handing out buttons. Mr. Popularity is up to 65 friends on Facebook! To join, just go to, but be careful to set your privacy filters so you can screen out undesirables like us at Sam's.
  • Interesting discussion today. Turns out that men viewed the adjective "prissy" as a compliment (in their eyes meaning neat, elegant, girlish), while all the women had a negative view of the word (more along the lines of "stuck up"). They shortened the nickname "Prissy Patty" to "PP", which seemed even worse. The dictionary definition of "prissy" is "overly prim and precise: finicky". Score Women 1, Men 0.
  • Jean and Paul, not being frustrated enough with FIOS, have now purchased a BluRay player. They are hoping for company to stop by and install it for them!
  • Sue, Dorothy and Pat enjoyed the Holiday Christmas Spectacular at the Meyerhoff, having won free tickets. Performances by the symphony orchestra, Sandy Patty, and the African Children's Choir were wonderful. See it through the 23rd.
  • Don't miss the chance to drive downtown to see the Hampden Christmas lights (700 block of 34th St., between Keswick Rd. and Chestnut St.), park nearby and walk. The street is open to cars, but traffic (on 34th St. and leading up to it) moves extremely slowly. Plus pedestrians, dazed by the holiday lights, make navigating tricky.
Hampden lights

The hubcap tree

The North Pole

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