Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baltimore County All Honors Concert

Hannah is back from college. Welcome home!

  • Yesterday we enjoyed the Baltimore County All Honors Concert. Sarah and all the kids did a great job! The concert will be broadcast in January over the Baltimore County educational channel.
  • Dr. Mike was a no-show today. Yesterday he brought gifts of candles and scarves to everyone at Sam's. Pat and Patty brought gifts for Mike, but he didn't show this morning. That sparked an impromptu mission to track down Dr. Mike at Spring Grove. We found him thanks to his trusty bicycle parked outside.
  • Don reported that the shopping trip to Victoria's Secrets was a success. Unfortunately, Don was the only one modeling underwear at Sam's this morning. He has enough pairs of holiday boxers to wear them for two weekends.
Baltimore County Middle School All Honors Orchestra Concert program
Dr. Mike reads his poem from Pat in the lobby at Spring Grove

Dr, Mike opens his gifts...and immediately knows which one is from Don

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