Tuesday, December 9, 2008

IL Governor Charged With Corruption

(From Tom in Las Vegas)

Having grown up in that state, all of these politicians (Republican and Democrat) are "suspect" in my mind. The article does not mention another detail about Otto Kerner, governor from 1961 to 1968. Before being governor, he also was secretary of state, and in that capacity he was the official responsible for Illinois drivers license fees, etc. After he died in 1976, numerous shoe boxes filled with money were found in his home; the money all related to those drivers license fees. When I was 16 (in 1961), I took the Illinois drivers license test and failed the first time. I then went to a driving school and a few months later went back to take the test again, this time with a group of other people and a teacher from the driving school in his car. While we sat in his car, our driving school guy went into the office building to "speak with" the state drivers license official in charge of that particular drivers license testing facility. We could see into the office window from our position in the car. I swear that I saw our driving school guy pass an envelope across the table to the official (it is true!). After our driving school guy came back to the car (he never said a word about it to us), each one of us (I think that there were about 4 or 5 of us) then took the driving test with one of the officials. All I know is that after the test, I past it this time. You do not have to be a "rocket scientist" to figure that one out (Yeah, I am very grateful that I past the test and got my drivers license, but as far as "offical corruption and Illinois politicians go," you be the judge).

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