Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Holiday Season Has Begun!

  • Doug actually caught some rockfish on his recent fishing trip and shared his fresh catch. Jean and Paul declared that it was delicious.
  • Heard the good news from Peggy that Gwen is back home and feeling much better!
  • Don takes Patty and Alonyah on the big shopping trip to Victoria's Secret this Thursday. Hope that someone takes photos and keeps Don from trying on the women's underwear.
  • Scott and Ron put up the annual Christmas decorations, so the holiday season at Sam's is officially open. Stop by and sip a hot chocolate on a wintry day.
  • Glenn is coming in most mornings and talking more each day, exhibiting that sharp sense of humor! Keep the prayers coming for a clear PET scan in January.
  • Welcome to new blog readers in Egypt and Brazil. Does anybody have a contact in Antarctica? A blog hit from there would mean that the blog has been read by someone on all 7 continents....and that would make me very happy (crazy maybe, but happy).
Dima flames the top of Don's bagel....can creme brulee bagels be the next big thing?

Don hides more things in the "Purse of Prissy Patty" (say that fast 3 times!)

Dima rushes over to make sure that Doug's bagel is well-toasted.

The Christmas season has officially begun. Don gets his annual holiday boxers from Laura.

Lois and Gene join in on the fun...... so glad that Gene is feeling much better!

Be forewarned that if you stand under the Bageltoe .....you might get kissed!
The decorations were hung by the ceiling with care,
In hopes that St. Nick soon would be there.

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