Sunday, October 5, 2008

Special Weekend Outings

On Sunday morning, our group of friends, "Rubes on the Loose", went to brunch at Toby's to see "The Producers". We were celebrating Jim's birthday and had a lot of fun. Thanks to Cindy for reserving tickets for us. The production was excellent (it is playing through November so you still have time to catch it). I spilled some food on my white blouse, and luckily Mary Lou had a detergent wipe to give me. When I went in the Ladies' Room to clean up, it became necessary to remove the blouse and scrub it in the sink. Thank goodness I was also wearing a jacket that I could zip up and wear without a blouse. We joked that I had to return for the spin cycle after intermission, multitasking laundry with musical theater. I saved my program for Tom, a great Toby's fan and blog reader, who now resides in Las Vegas.
Toby's Dinner Theater in Columbia

Sue and Jim

Cindy and Mary Lou
On Friday night, some of the Bagel Bunch ventured out in the evening for a special Japanese dinner in Columbia. It was a beautiful fall evening by the lake. We decided that we all cleaned up pretty good! We enjoyed the delicious food and company, and as always had many laughs. Thanks to Patty for making the reservations for us. And apologies to the poor young couple who was seated next to our boisterous group!
Softcrab sushi roll for Bill

Pat with saki and Don with a BIG beer

Janice and Bill

Gladys and Jack

Patty and Sue

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