Saturday, October 11, 2008

Foster Family Bingo!

The Foster Family had over 200 participants last night at their Bingo to fight breast cancer. This is the 9th year they have held the event since Pat Foster defeated breast cancer in 1999. They had gone to so much trouble to have beautiful filled baskets, door prizes, raffles and food. We had fun being together, but the luck of the Irish wasn't with us. Patty, Pat and Marty look happy at the start of the evening
before they realize they were seated at the loser's table!
Since I had so much extra time (what with NOT dabbing any numbers on my card), I took a photo of this cool "Dab Out Breast Cancer" ink bottle. You can see that only my "free spaces" had any ink on them.

Even this guy came over to point out that ours
was the only table not winning anything.

Kelly Foster finally delivers a basket to our table.

The lady in yellow sat at our table after intermission and won TWO baskets.
(We hate her.)
Kim calls out her winning numbers.
Pat consoles Patty and Pat on our table's Bingo performance.
We still had fun, and there's always next year!
My friend, Mary Lou, who joined us last night has invited all of us to another Longaberger Basket Bingo at Resurrection Church in Ellicott City on Friday, November 7th at 6 pm. Proceeds benefit the youth group and food will be available. Let me know if you want a ticket.....our luck can't always be this bad!

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