Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sick Leave Excuses

Tom in Las Vegas (who would now chuckle at us for complaining about temperatures in the 90's) shared this article from Career Builders in case any of you need a day off.

“Employers are placing a greater emphasis on work/life balance, offering more opportunities for employees to recharge and return to the office more productive,” Haefner says.

So the next time you call in sick — whether you have the flu or a desire to stay in your pajamas until noon — you can decide if you want to tell the truth or a little white lie. If you choose the latter, here are some of the most unusual excuses bosses revealed.

1. At her sister’s wedding, an employee chipped her tooth on a mint julep, bent over to spit it out, hit her head on a keg and was knocked unconscious.

2. While at a circus, a tiger urinated on the employee’s ear, causing an ear infection.

3. An employee’s dog wasn’t feeling well, so the employee tasted the dog’s food and then got sick.

4. “Someone put LSD in my salad.”

5. An employee’s roommate locked all his clothes in a shed for spite.

6. “Stuck on an island – canoe floated away.”

7. An employee was upset because his favorite "American Idol" contestant was voted off.

8. “I didn’t think I had to come in if I had time in my vacation bank. I thought I could take it whenever I wanted.”

9. An employee said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to rest up for the company’s holiday party that night.

10. A groundhog bit the employee’s car tire, causing it to go flat.

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