Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Patapsco Natural Art

  • I was reading my friend Jim's blog ( see and he had photographs of artistically placed rocks in the Patapsco River. Check his blog to see an additional surprise. Sarah and I had been hiking in the state park in April and we also found several of these creations in smaller streams throughout the park. I'd like the artist to know we appreciate his/her/their work.
  • I have been reading another friend's blog regularly at Barry has had a recurrence of melanoma and is battling some daunting health challenges. He is currently in a rehab facility in Florida. Despite these worries, Barry has posted some wonderful stories of his childhood here in Baltimore. You will be touched by his memories and by his courage. If you check out his blog, leave a comment of encouragement or a memory of your own to make him smile.
Upstream from the stone art

Sarah holds the GPS over one of the creations

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