Sunday, April 27, 2008

If the Chairs Are Rocking, Don't Come Knocking

  • Doug came in and we sang an early happy birthday to him. He had a surprise party last night at Nick's Seafood. One of his gifts was a book called "Sex After Fifty"; Doug said all of its pages were blank.

  • When Jack heard the word sex, he looked up and said "What?". Gladys said that at their age, now they sit in their rocking chairs on the front porch and just reminisce about sex. Don said now that he knows this, he'll check to see how fast they are rocking when he drives by their house. Bill decided that he needs to go buy some rocking chairs for his house. Jack offered his chairs to anyone who wishes to come and rock with them! Jean remarked that Don's legs were bouncing too close to her throughout this conversation......Don said all the talk about rocking chair sex had him excited. Sue thought that maybe Gladys should put out rocking chairs on the parade route this year instead of folding chairs. Gladys reported that she always sits with Phil Schubert at the parade, not Jack! We all decided that we will never look at rocking chairs in the same way.

  • Glenn heard about the silent auction for the services for four men for four hours. Said he would like to get in touch with his feminine side, so he plans to bid on this item too.


A said...

Ok I should have come to Sam's on Sunday.
Doug- Nick's Fish House is a great resturant your friends have nice taste. Happy Birthday you old Man!

Rocking chairs- humm no wonder I've had a dry spell lately I may have a 2 person hot tub but forgot to get rocking chairs.LOL

Silent auction- What silent auction are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

scroll down and see jeff's boy scout fundraiser... maybe they could auction off the rocking chairs? glenn

A said...

Well I could use 4 men but somehow Jeff and his buddies is not what I had in mind.