Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthdays and Caches

Happy Birthday to Harold's Mom, Ann, on the 29th and our Las Vegas friend, Tom, on May 1!
A joyful Doug celebrates with a treat from Andrea. April 30th is the big day! So far, gift suggestions have included a pair of pants, a compact mirror, shoes, a ten-pack of reading glasses, a new wallet, a pocket knife, and a rocking chair.

Found this MICRO cache in the Patapsco Valley State Park on Sunday.

OK, folks, it there is good weather on Saturday morning, please join me for some local geocaching after breakfast. It shouldn't take too long.There are three caches hidden within a few blocks of Sam's. Wear comfortable shoes; all of these are close to the road. Now I found the tiny container above after hiking 1 1/2 miles into the woods......but the one hidden by Friendly's eludes me. So Max and Zack, I need your expert help!

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