Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

I went to Home Depot after work. Our old lawn mower is broken, the grass is higher than an elephant's eye, so I decided to buy an electric mower in the spirit of Earth Day. While I was looking at mowers, someone crashed their cart into mine on purpose. Of course it was Don, no doubt dreaming of power tools, diggers and earth movers. Don said an electric mower is an old lady mower, I guess the shoe fits. It is quiet and it starts every time with the push of a switch. Anyway, the mower works great, just as long as I don't run over the electric cord! I don't know what Don bought.....he was looking to repair a swing set.

Bill W's wife, Barbara, is back in the ICU. Please keep them in your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Well you could always be even more green and get a old fashioned push mower neither gas not electric but person powered. I love mine. Easy to handle and a nice little workout.