Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bill's Excellent Adventure

  • Bill T. has lived to tell the tale of his weekend stay at the Bavarian Inn. (The Inn was reportedly lovely, and Bill raved about the curried chicken salad on the Sunday buffet). However, he went canoeing, sharing the canoe with his son's father-n-law. (The mothers-in-law got to gamble at Charlestown instead). Everything was going well until the wind picked up, sending waves into the canoe. Bill said it looked like the river was flowing upstream! His rowing partner took a faceful of water and had to stop rowing, which brought the canoe around. Bill knew they were going to capsize. It was scary because he couldn't touch bottom, and his life preserver didn't have the bottom strap to prevent it from floating in his face. So Bill was trying to hold onto the canoe, keep breathing with the life preserver around his face and neck, and make it to shore. He became calm once his feet could touch the bottom. They got to shore, called the canoe rental folks for a ride and called it a day. Bill said when the canoe folks came to paddle home, the wind had died down and the river was smooth again. What's with these trips that suddenly make you face life and death? Glad you are OK!
  • New blog readers in: Lisbon, Portugal; Warsaw, Poland; Liverpool, England; Paris, France; Bangkok, Thailand; Rome, Italy; Naples, Italy; Salisbury, MD; Hartford, CN; Fresno, CA; Littleton, CO; Harrisburg, PA; Boise, ID; Princeton, NJ; Fallstown, MD; Plainfield, IL; Ft. Drum, NY; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Dublin, Ireland; Nashport, OH; Stillwater, MN; Kemp Mill, MD; Pasadena, MD; and the District of Columbia. It doesn't matter how you land on the blog or how long you linger....I count your pin in the map! Isn't it curious how many people stumble across our blog? Imagine how many visitors we might get if I wrote anything of importance! (And no, Glenn, I am not going to write about politics, still think you should write a political blog)

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