Friday, April 4, 2008

Community News

Seems the trick to attract more readers is simply for me to stop writing! Welcome new readers in Hong Kong, China; Auckland, New Zealand; Athens, Greece; Bath, England; 's-hertogenbosch, Noord-brabant, Netherlands; Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Tacoma, WA; Ft. Myers, FL; Clinton, ME; Girard, KS; Kenner, LA; Dodge City, KS; Nashville, TN; Ft. Worth, TX; Hayneville, AL; Chester, SC; Hampton, VA; Columbus, OH; Canton, MI; Sterling, VA; Havre de Grace, MD; Herndon, VA; Westminster, MD; Mt. Laurel, NJ; and Philadelphia, PA.

What a busy week! Hope everyone is well. Bill reported that his wife, Barbara, is home from the hospital. Birthday greetings go out to our friend, Gerhard, in Germany.

The news report today stated that a bagel is a healthy source of protein. Below if the nutritional info on our favorite treat:

Serving Size: 1 medium, 4" diameter
Protein: 9 g
Calories: 247
Fat: 2 g
Saturated Fat: Less than 1 g

Several customers have noticed a change in the bagels' texture and taste in recent weeks. Andrea reported that the dough is now prepared by a Kosher bakery and a different flour is being used.

Scott is taking orders for Fisher's Popcorn. He will pick orders up in Ocean City next weeked. Proceeds benefit his daughter's basketball team. (Here's Scott sticking his tongue out :P )

Don't forget that you can get tickets at the door next Saturday for a delicious pancake breakfast at the Catonsville Presbyterian Church. Doors open at 8:30 am. Proceeds benefit Jeff's son's boy scout troop. (See info on a previous post).

There will be a community yard sale sponsored by Five Oaks Swim Club on Saturday, April 26th. Table space goes for $20. Don has posted a flyer on Sam's bulletin board for more info.

I am off to Hersheypark for the weekend. Hope someone takes good notes on the weekend's gossip and posts them on the blog!

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