Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recycle Your Old Computers!

I don't know about the rest of you, but we have more than one old computer and stereo stored in the basement. I am so glad to have an opportunity to get rid of them safely and with a tax deduction to boot! Thanks to Pat R. fo finding this info for us.

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008
Location: Immaculate Conception Parish
Organizer: Immaculate Conception Parish, Boy Scout Troop 750, CDM Inc.
Contact name: Mike Fannon
Contact email:
Contact address: 200 Ware AvenueTowson, MD 21204
Description: ONE DAY ONLY (Rain or shine)
This event will be hosted by Immaculate Conception Parish at 200 Ware Avenue in Towson, MD 21204
Boy Scout Troop 750 is organizing and operating this event.
Computer Donation Management (CDM) is the licensed Maryland recycling company performing the electronics reuse/recycling work. (website is at )

Background: computers contain hazardous but valuable materials and should be donated for reuse, dropped off at the county landfill or a recycling company, or picked up as a special bulk item with a waste hauler for a fee.

Cost: CPU's, speakers, fax machines, scanners, printers, keyboards, stereos, cell phones, mice & microwaves accepted free of charge, $10 contribution for monitors rqst'd; no TVs please. The event supports a youth service project/fund raiser; tax deductible donation receipts provided.
Sorry, no TVs are accepted during these collections.

Tax Donation: all donations support a non-profit youth service project and fund raiser. Donation receipts will be provided for tax deduction purposes. (consult an accountant for more info)

Additional information can be provided by sending an email to or by calling 410-525-1400.

Directions to Immaculate Conception parish can be found at the following website:

Memory and Disposal: erasure of data prior to donation will provide additional peace of mind, but all hard drives are either erased in compliance with the Dept of Defense 5220.22-M disk sanitizing standard or are physically destroyed during recycling operations. Collected materials are handled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner with virtually no material being land filled.

Please try to dispose of your packaging and cardboard with your normal recycling pickup program as much as possible. Thank You!

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