Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Weekend

Nancy discussed how her clothing purchases, such as this beautiful sweater, support women's businesses in South America and India.
Sue and Harold's children are reunited: Katelyn, Sarah and Paul.

Sue finally redeems a free coffee card after 14 years of coming to Sam's.

Some poor person at Twenty Nine Palms, CA military base falls for the "Big Boobs" search and finds Sam's. And gets bagels instead of boobs.

Janice visits and actually admits to being married to Bill!
Happy Belated Birthday, Janice.

Max and Zach win the award for Sam's best artists!

  • Pat's cabinets were finally her bedroom. Let's hope they get installed in her kitchen this week. We have our fingers crossed for you, Pat.

Doug was looking forward to going to the Maryland/Clemson game tonight with Glenn. Hope he enjoys a night off from being the basketball referee.

  • Didn't have my camera battery this morning and I missed lots of photo opportunities. First there was a team of folks (Patty, Paul, Bill) trying to adjust the table legs to create a level surface. This took more people and time than you can imagine. Then Jack left for a haircut, but the establishment was still closed. When he returned, he sat alone at a separate table as if he were in time out. Gladys changed seats at least four times. She moved once to make room for Marty, don't know why she moved the other times. There was a jacket strategically hung on the entrance door to block out the sun. Finally, Mike was having such a good time he refused to leave, so his Dad carried him out over his shoulder.

  • Glenn, Doug, and Bill recalled wearing platform shoes in the seventies. Bill wore them at his own wedding! This led to a discussion of favorite movies and Bill's discovery of digital cable and movies on demand. Saturday Night Fever made a big impression on the guys.

  • I had a power outage last Sunday and it disrupted our cable TV service. I gradually got fewer and fewer channels in my bedroom until there was just Channel 50, the one with the nun praying the rosary much of the day. I began to wonder if this was a sublime message. When the cable repair guy came, he determined that the problem was with the outside cable running from the street to the house. (Outside cable repairs are free, in the house cable repairs are billable). Of course, this guy only handled inside cable repairs , so now I am on the waiting list for the outside cable repairs. On the bright side, I am remembering a lot about the rosary.

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Anonymous said...


Re the desert military base. Twenty Nine Palms is a Marine Corps installation. Back in the
70's Carl attended Communications/Electronics School there. The people who are unlucky enough to get stationed there refer to it as Twenty Nine Stumps. There really is nothing there but sand and rattlesnakes. On the plus side, the air is dry so allergies are rare.