Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Blog Statistics

Bear with me, but I am just fascinated with how much information I have gathered. (Useful? I'm not sure, but it amazes me just that I CAN gather it). I have learned that the most successful sites have a high percentage of returning visitors. While the blog only has a relatively small number of readers, you are a loyal bunch! As you can see from that above chart, nearly 75% of Sam's readers come back.... and more than 36% of you have visited ten times or more, you gluttons for punishment. I know that 58.40% of you have your computer screens set to a resolution of 1024 x 768, that 83% of you use Windows XP, and that 66% of you found the blog using Google's Blog search engine. One of the most curious facts is that one person found this blog by searching for the topic of......ironing!

We have new international readers in Dublin, Ireland; Berlin, Germany; and the Isle of Mann, United Kingdom. In the United States, the list includes:

Number /City/State

131 Baltimore , Maryland
20 Accokeek, Virginia

15 Gaithersburg, Maryland

12 Salisbury ,Maryland

10 Catonsville, Maryland

8 Annapolis, Maryland

8 Potomac, Maryland

6 Arlington , Virginia

4 Columbia , Maryland

4 Champaign , Illinois

4 Sheboygan Wisconsin

4 Mountain View, California

3 Williamsport, Pennsylvania

3 Lafayette, Louisiana

2 Jacksonville , Florida

2 Durango , Colorado

2 Dallas, Texas

2 Janesville ,Wisconsin

1 Tucson , Arizona
1 Ellicott City, Maryland

1 Scottsdale, Arizona

1 Las Vegas, Nevada

1 Florissant ,Colorado

1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1 Forest Hill, Pennsylvania

1 Irving Texas
1 Melvin, Michigan

1 New York, New York

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