Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a Small World

I stopped by Hubbard's Funeral Home to pay my respects to Gene and Lois on behalf of their friends at Sam's. Poor Lois has been fighting the flu and had saltines in her purse, but she still looked wonderful. On my way in, I ran into an old friend on her way out. Nancy and I had worked together for Howard County Schools long ago. The last time we ran into each other, her husband and my Dad were both undergoing. emergency cardiac bypass surgery at Johns Hopkins. In fact, they were roommates in the ICU. All of you know my Dad has done great. Nancy's husband, after a few setbacks, has regained his pilot's license and is working as a flight instructor. When I asked Nancy how she was connected to the viewing, she said that she had met Lynn, Gene's sister, over Sunday breakfasts at Panera Bread in Columbia Mall. Of course, I met Lois and Gene over breakfasts at Sam's. Who knows how many friendships have beem forged over caffiene and carbs?

Has anyone seen Allison lately? Allison, we miss you. Please stop in or comment here so we know you are OK!


John S. said...

I ran into Sue yesterday at Giant on Wilkens and had a short conversation before picking up a Rx from the Pharmacy. As I was walking to my car I see Sue again. She is in her van and ready to leave. She makes a comment about not being sure where I parked. I said that's no problem I'll just hit the horn alert button on the keyless entry. Well, nothing happens and I tell Sue if she sees me walking around the parking lot on her next trip to Giant to please give me a ride home. She leaves and I walk up and down a couple of aisles and then go back to where Sue was parked and there is my car. I get in and take off and hear a thumping noise. I look in the mirror and my trunk is up. I had hit the trunk release button instead of the horn alert.----I was able to function so much better before computers, cell phones and keyless entry devices.

Sue said...

Glad you found your car, John! My recent car technology story....I used Harold's car this weekend to pick our daughter up at the airport. However, he forgot to tell me that the driver's side electronic window had stopped working. I pulled up to the parking garage but couldn't open the window to get the ticket that opens the gate. I was too close to open the door on the driver's side to get the ticket. Finally had to back up, open the door and get the ticket to proceed. Found myself wishing for the good old hand cranked windows.