Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great Big Boobs

  • OK, let me explain about the unusual title of this post. Recently, the blog had a reader in New Delhi, India. This piqued my curiousity. When I checked, this poor guy (yes, I am being sexist in assuming it was a guy) in the middle of the night was searching the Internet for the key words "sexy valentain sam". Even with the misspelling of "valentine", he was directed to our blog because of the "sexy valentine day workout video" and the title "sam". So I am conducting a social experiment to see if the above title temporarily increases our number of readers. Gladys recalled how she had innocently searched the Internet for "showers" for suggestions for a bridal shower (at a library class on using the computer) and been shocked by the resulting website. Bill told about a coworker looking up BJ's (the store) at work and being similarly embarassed. So it seems fair play if a few are mistakenly disappointed when they land on our blog. All in the name of science!

  • Now the battery is dead on my laptop. I've replaced the power port, the power cord, and guess now I have to buy a new battery from Dell. (None of these repairs are inexpensive when it comes to computers). I seem to be following a familiar pattern with electrical devices. I can't wear a watch because it begins to run faster and faster until the time is inaccurate and they simply stop working. Guess I need to stop working with the laptop physically in my lap. Can't explain it, my body temperature and blood pressure are low, but my personal electrical system is haywire.

  • Bill T. recalled celebrating his 25th anniversary. He bought his wife a tennis bracelet, a cake, a card, etc. and went out for a special dinner. It was only when they came home that their son realized they were celebrating a year early, it was only their 24th anniversary! Bill, time flies when you are having fun, could explain why your internal clock was off. And better to celebrate a year early then a year late. FYI, by my calculations, your 35th anniversary is this year.

  • Our group now at Sam's is getting so large that several conversations are typically occurring at one time. If you are seated in the middle of the table, you catch parts of both and the results can be hilarious. Recently, it went like this: Conversation #1 involved discussion of - don't know how it got started - tatooing the male member with red stripes so it looked like a barber pole. Conversation #2 centered on someone at the table suddenly getting something in her eye. Conversation #1: "I could take it out and show you". Conversation #2: "Do you need help getting it out?" Conversation #1 : "Although it is probably small". Conversation #2: " It feels so big for something so small". Conversation #1: "I think I can get it out by myself". Conversation #2": "Can you see anything in there?" (Guess you had to be there).

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Mike said...

It worked! Search on "great big boobs" + "sam" and we are Hit Numero Uno, baby!