Friday, January 25, 2008

Tomorrow: Field Trip to the Grove

The Men's Club 2008
  • Dr. Mike has invited everyone to a road trip tomorrow. We are having breakfast at the Grove Cafe on the grounds of Spring Grove Hospital Center. (For directions , menu, and pictures, click on the link We will be meeting there at 8 am. Various folks have suggested this is a ploy to either get some of us committed for treatment or to let others have the table by the front door at Sam's. Patty will be joining us! I have also been dared to yell "I must be crazy to eat here!" during breakfast.
  • Charlie's memorial service was very touching; we laughed and cried. Some favorite stories about Charlie were shared. Chuck recalled how Charlie built bookshelves in his basement for Bob White. However, when he went to deliver them, he discovered that the shelves were too big to get out of the cellar! He had to saw them in half and put them back together later.
  • His grandson, Ryan, recalled that Charlie was helping him convert the garage into a bedroom. Charlie asked Ryan if he could drive, and 14-year old Ryan said "Yup". He asked if he could use a clutch, and Ryan said, Yup". Well, Ryan backed Charlie's truck right through the wall they just built. Ryan said Charlie said every cuss word he knew.....all in one sentence. He said Charlie woke him up at 8 every morning until the wall was rebuilt.
  • We learned that Charlie earned the nickname "Splash" when he fell in the water one cold January day trying to tie up a boat at the marina. (This was right after his kidney transplant.) Patty told Charlie he couldn't play with that friend anymore.

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Mike said...

This is going to be the next best thing to Spring at the Grove (brrrrr!)